Privacy Policy

As an ethical business organization, we at Unsecured Loans Bad Credit consider our clients the most important aspect of our business and therefore treat their personal information with highest level of confidentiality.

We protect the personal information of our clients submitted through our website through various methods and tools. For example all of the information submitted is protected by a password. This password protects important information such contact details, communication address and such other sensitive information. Therefore we strongly suggest our clients to choose a password in such a way that it becomes tough to copy or guess this password.

We ensure that no information is collected from the visitors of our website who do not opt for our services and do not apply for loans. Therefore you can visit different pages to understand us, our services etc. without revealing any of your personal information. Cookies on the website are used only to make this website more functional. We never place any cookies on your system. However, you also have the option to disable all cookies.

We also ensure that no personal information of any of our client goes to any third party. However, we do share your information with lenders in order to choose a suitable loan for you.

We keep on updating our privacy policy to protect our clients. However all updated information is published here first. Therefor you are advised to visit this page regularly to keep yourself aware of our policies. If you need any further clarification about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact Unsecured Loans Bad Credit now...!!!